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Wifi Camera 1080P Baby Monitor - Camera with 2-Way Audio

Wifi Camera 1080P Baby Monitor - Camera with 2-Way Audio

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Having a newborn is one of the most miraculous experiences in life. It comes with the most overwhelming and sweet feelings, as well as a load of new responsibilities to secure the well-being of your baby. Once they are born, and even long before that, babies become the center of the world for their parents. Infants and toddlers especially need 24/7 surveillance as they rely on their parents in literally everything, and it can be very exhausting to keep an eye on your baby all the time. That's where a baby monitor becomes a life-saver!

Our Baby Monitor allows you to do anything peacefully without worrying about your baby as you will be able to watch them whenever you want, wherever you are, to make sure that they are safe and sound.

This wonderful device comes with so many features that will make your life as a parent a lot easier. It connects to your phone or laptop through an Android/iOS app and gives access to real-time visuals, and provides a high-definition video quality of 1080P resolution, in addition to a night vision infrared camera, motion detection sensors, and two-way audio system for better communication.

With its wide range of functionalities, this monitor can also be used as a surveillance camera for pets, home, and office security. It provides a panoramic viewing angle of 110 degrees vertically and 355 degrees horizontally, and highlights an SD card compatibility for up to 64GB of external storage, which is not needed for real-time viewing. 


  • Clear day and night vision.
  • Connection to multiple devices.
  • Android and iOS mobile app.
  • Two-way audio communication.
  • Motion detection and app alerts with snapshots and video recordings.
  • Pan-tilt panoramic view.
  • Max 64GB SD card (not included) and payable cloud storage options available.
  • Wall mount possibility.
  • The pack includes an English user manual.

With the huge responsibility of being a parent, the Wifi Baby Monitor will lessen a great deal of your burden and spare you more time for yourself and other tasks. 

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