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Waterproof Eyebrow Pen

Waterproof Eyebrow Pen

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Good eyebrows can define the shape of your face and give you a more put-together look. It can give you that extra touch you need to pull off any outfit you desire. But there are so many products and cosmetic treatments out there that it's hard for you to choose which one would suit you best.

Eyebrow pencils have come, and they are to stay! They have changed the eyebrow game for good and have made it easier to get a beauty center's results.

This eyebrow tattoo pencil is just perfect. It comes in a cute black packaging with many colors to match your look. The colors range from light brown to black, it is very inclusive that everyone with any skin color or hair color can use it. And it will look absolutely fabulous.

Unlike other eyebrow pens, this one has a fork-shaped applicator, making it much more manageable and practical. It can draw three hairs at once and give the effect of a much fuller eyebrow. In just a few seconds, you can get the look you would get at a beauty salon. You no longer have to wait to get a beautiful look. You can do it from the comfort of your home in a short time.

Additionally, this eyebrow pen is waterproof. Nothing can take it off unless you choose to. You can dive into the pool and still keep your beautiful, stylish look. It's also smudge-proof. Once it's on, it will stay on. One of the best things about this eyebrow pencil is its formula. The formula is infused with antioxidants that have many benefits for your skin and hair alike. It is hydrating and will make your eyebrow hairs softer to the touch. This eyebrow pen truly has it all!


  • Can draw three hair strokes at once to save time.
  • Precise and has a unique formula that’s beneficial to the skin.
  • Waterproof and long-lasting.
  • Comfortable on the wrists and easy to use.
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