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Solar Powered Flagpole Light All Night Long Last

Solar Powered Flagpole Light All Night Long Last

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We all know that it’s not about the lights but the flag and the proper flagpole light should be designed to make the flag visible even on a pitch-black night. This is definitely true for this option, as this disk topper is constructed to ensure maximum visibility for your flag. This perfect light unit is designed to provide the proper way to honor your flag. It’s big and tall, easy to use, and durable, making it an overall winner among similar options. The solar-powered device will light the flag all night long, staying bright for hours.



128 powerful ultra-bright white LEDs provide the light that can be adjusted, as there are two power modes: middle or high brightness. It’s also a perfect solution not just for a sunny day but for a cloudy or rainy one as well: use middle brightness to save energy and keep it working for longer. Plus, it boasts a wide lightning angle for maximum visibility.


This solar-powered flagpole light is an eco-friendly solution that is both fast-charging and energy-saving. It’s recommended for pole sizes from 17 to 25 feet and provides from eight to ten hours of steady light. There is no need to worry about its safety during rough weather conditions, as it boasts IP67 waterproof rate. So feel free to leave it outside even on rainy days. With a lifespan of 40,000 hours, it’s one of the most powerful and reliable options on the market.


The solar disk boasts a heavy-duty construction and is super easy to install: simply attach it to the stem of the ball topper of the pole (plus, this option fits any ball topper, making it even more convenient). This option is perfect for residential flagpoles, as it’s both bright and durable. At dusk, the sensor automatically turns the light on, and due to the large capacity of the 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery, the lights stay on for the whole night.

With a weight of 3/4 of a pound, this option is also lightweight and can be used in various ways. For example, you can use it as a garden lamp. The dimensions of this option are ten inches in diameter (when looking at it from the top), two inches thick. The center hole has a diameter of 1/2 inch and fits standard 1/2 inch diameter flag topper stems. The package includes one solar panel and the light itself (note that a ball topper or flag is not included). If you are on the market for a quality flagpole light, look no further, as this option is the brightest, easiest to use, and boasts high-quality durable construction. This fast-charging solar-powered device will ensure that your flag stays well-lit and visible.



  • Recommended for Poles Size: 17' to 25'
  • LED Lights: 128 ultra bright LEDs
  • Battery: 2,500 mAh Rechargeable 
  • Brightness: 640 Lumen
  • Run Time: 8-10 Hours 
  • Lifespan: 40,000 Hours
  • Total Volts: 6V
  • 1X Solar Panel 
  • 1X Light (ball topper or flag are not included) 




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