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Professional Led Nail Lamp For Manicure

Professional Led Nail Lamp For Manicure

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Salon-grade manicure is no longer a luxury: nowadays, you can easily achieve the same results even at home with professional equipment like this nail polish dryer. This option is equally suitable for home and salon use and is a perfect solution for both professionals and nail enthusiasts. It gently and evenly dries your nails, helping you to achieve the best results quickly and easily.

Besides the UV LED nail lamp itself, the package includes an adaptor, manicure instructions, and a user manual, so don’t worry about getting to know how to use this device: you will get all the necessary info straight away.

Apart from being comfortable to use, this gel lamp is also safe, which is the main priority when it comes to any beauty procedure. It’s equipped with 36 LED beads that distribute the light evenly and cure the gel nail polish without bringing any discomfort to your eyes or damaging or darkening your skin. It automatically turns on and off when hands or feet are sliding inside or out due to its smart infra-red sensor. Plus, it features overheating protection for added safety.
The lamp features a smart sensor to make the process of curing automate, so no manual operations are needed. This smart UV LED nail lamp features a digital time display and boasts a time memory function to keep track of your last settings. Plus, it’s also adjustable (choose Ten seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds, or even 99 seconds low-heat mode), so no need to worry about keeping the time under control. Consult the packaging of the base products, polishes, and top coatings you use to discover the recommended curing time for each of them. What is more, the lamp allows shortening the curing time by 50% due to the fast curing feature.
Enjoy using this option whether you are a professional or a beginner who wants to discover their talent and be in charge of their look. Experiment with patterns and colors and let the lamp do the rest for you.



  • Weight: 500g
  • Material: PC/ABS
  • Power: 72W
  • Lamp Beads: 36
  • Plug US
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