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Premium Shiatsu Massage Pillow With Lumbar And Cervical Spine Stretcher

Premium Shiatsu Massage Pillow With Lumbar And Cervical Spine Stretcher

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Neck pain, shoulder pain, and lower back pain are among the most common symptoms of everyone familiar with a sedentary lifestyle. If you are one of that people, consider investing in this shiatsu massage pillow. Improve the overall quality of your life with this convenient device that can relieve all the muscle pain symptoms and reduce stress. The refreshing massage will help you feel better than ever and will leave you full of energy. It’s a perfect option for overworked or stressed people.



The best way to both prevent and alleviate lower back pain is to use a quality massage pillow. If the pain caused by knots or sore muscles is familiar to you, then this option is the perfect solution for you. This shiatsu massage pillow is equipped with 16 massage nodes and a heating function, making it a perfect device to reduce pain. Choose the best speed (from various options available) and enjoy a deep massage for total pain relief.



Due to the combination of heat and shiatsu massage techniques, this pillow is capable of providing a spa-grade massage experience in the comfort of your own home. It can target the deep pressure points and help soothe tired muscles to ensure the relief of painful stiffness. This pillow is super easy to use with one touch to control it all: massage style, speed, and direction. Another advantage of this option is that infrared heating provides additional calming warmth to stimulate blood circulation.  



This advanced massage pillow will provide you with premium-grade massage as it can mimic the motions of the real professional. It can provide you with both light and heavy kneading. It can reduce pain and increase mobility, so you can move, walk, and sleep better.


The pillow is also a perfect solution for those suffering from sleeping disorders, as it can help promote blood circulation and loosen joints thus ensuring proper relaxation and better sleep. This option also features a built-in inflatable cervical neck and lumbar traction device, allowing you to get cervical physical therapy while enjoying the massage. It ensures the perfect level of traction, helping you to stretch and support the curvature of both your lumbar and your neck.


This massage pillow is made of premium-quality waterproof breathable materials and is constructed to be used anywhere, starting from your home and to your office or car. Take it with you while traveling to enjoy all the benefits it can provide even on the go. Feel tension and soreness melt away after the first use, and you would not want to replace it with any other device. Relieve fatigue, increase flexibility, get proper muscle and joint relaxation, and improve blood circulation, sleep quality, and posture with the help of this compact, lightweight, durable, comfortable, and super-efficient option. 



  • Bi-Directional massage control and 3 Speed control.
  • 16 massage nodes and heating function.
  • Reduces Pain - Deeply massages body tissue for total pain relief.
  • Kneading/shiatsu massage: light and heavy kneading.
  • Loosens joints to help you sit, sleep, walk, and lift!
  • Easy to Use : One touch to customize speed, direction, and massage style!
  • Premium Materials : Good-quality motor, give you quiet static enjoyment.


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