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Portable Neck Fan

Portable Neck Fan

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When the temperatures start rising and the summer walks in, people start looking for any possible way to stay cool and avoid sweating inconveniently. Regular fans, air conditioning, drinking a lot of water, and taking multiple consecutive showers can be good methods to fight the hot weather, but they are not always practical, especially if you go out often or if your workplace is not air-conditioned. This is where the Portable Neck Fan proves useful.

This fan is extremely lightweight and compact, making it both portable and comfortable to wear without putting any significant weight or strain on your shoulders. It also comes in a sleek design and two color options to please any style and preference. 

The Neck Fans comes with 78 air outlets for the best performance and features a bladeless design for added safety, as people with long hair don't have to worry about their hair getting stuck or torn by the blades. This innovative gadget is also super user-friendly and highlights a hands-free design that allows you to stay cool while working.

Additionally, this wearable fan is battery-operated and can be recharged using the USB cable that comes with the package. It features three different speeds that can be adjusted simply by pressing the power button repeatedly until the desired speed is reached. The fan operates quietly thanks to the upgraded motor and provides four to 16 working hours, depending on the speed, not to mention its eco-friendly materials. For all of the aforementioned characteristics, the Neck Cooler Fan is your ideal summer buddy and will be one of your unexpendable items in no time.

Key features: 

  • A bladeless fan with 78 air outlets.
  • Comfortable and lightweight design. 
  • Easy-to-use and hands-free operation.
  • Low-noise operation and safe usage for children and senior people.
  • Fashionable color options to choose from.
  • Long battery life that lasts for up to 16 hours, depending on the speed, and can be recharged considerably quickly.
  • Comes with a USB C charging cable.
  • Made from eco-friendly materials.
  • Features three different speed settings.
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