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Luminous Light Under Cabinet Lighting

Luminous Light Under Cabinet Lighting

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Under-cabinet lighting has become a stylish and luxurious trend that adds a fancy feel to any corner of the house. It is especially popular in kitchen use under cabinets to optimize illumination there, but you can use it in any other place that needs highlighting for either practical or merely decorative purposes.

There are many options out there for this contemporary tool, but most of them are lavishly expensive or require complicated installation troubles that you don't want to go through. That's why we came to you with this quite affordable and easy to use Luminous Light Under Cabinet Lighting to overcome any obstacles that come between you and your smart-home-like goal.

The Luminous Light promises to turn any dull space in your house into a stylish corner in a matter of seconds as it does not require any kind of installation whatsoever, simply peel off and stick the lighting to the desired surface, and you're ready to go! It cannot get any easier. In addition to that, these lights are powered by a rechargeable battery, so you never have to worry about hideous wires ruining the aesthetics of your tidy space.

Furthermore, this under cabinet lighting comes in two lighting styles and three different sizes to fit your exact needs. It also has a smart motion sensor mode that makes it practical, easier to use, and energy-efficient.

Besides, there is also the manual on/off option to suit every situation and preference. Use this futuristic tool to light up your under-cabinet, closet, crown molding, and furniture, or to highlight other decorations for a sophisticated, classy, and modern home style.


  • Lights up any dim area in your house.
  • Can be used to customize the ambiance in rooms as well.
  • Wire-free lightings for a tidy and neat appearance.
  • Quick and easy set up.
  • Comes in different sizes and styles.
  • Standard micro-USB cable included in the package.
  • Hands-free option with the motion sensor mode.
  • It can detect the movement of people in the dark or during the day and turns on automatically within 10 feet (10 feet), automatically turns off if no movement is detected for about 20 seconds.

Package Include:
1 x Motion Sensor Closet Light
1 x USB Cable
1 x Adhesive Magnetic Strip
1 x User Manual

Q: How long can it be used after being fully charged?
A: Charge time is about 5-6 hrs, the motion sensor light can be used for many days after fully charged, and the battery use time is related to your frequency of use and the brightness level you set.

Q: Will the LED Closet Light automatically light up during the day?
A: It features 2 sensor modes, Day Mode and Night Mode. It will auto on when detects movement in Daytime or Dark.

Q: Can LED Closet Light be removed from the wall to charge?
A: LED closet lights with 3M adhesive magnetic strip, you can remove it easily from adhesive backing for charging.

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