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LED Floating Jellyfish Lamp

LED Floating Jellyfish Lamp

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If you are in search of a perfect gift, consider this jellyfish lava lamp . This amazing device will appeal to people of all ages and become an amazing addition to any interior. The jellyfish lamp creates unique visuals: with its help, you can get a mesmerizing marine life experience in the comfort of your own home. Get this color-changing LED lamp and enjoy incredible visuals at any given moment. 


The package includes the jellyfish LED lamp itself, three silicone jellyfish toys, a USB cable, and a user manual. This device is super easy to use as well. To enjoy using it, fill the tank with the necessary amount of water and put the included silicone jellyfish inside. Let them float and swim for a while before turning the lamp on. In case of jellyfish do not float or move freely, add a few drops of dish detergent to the water. This simple step will help. And that’s all — the lamp is ready to mesmerize you. 


Reasons to purchase this incredible piece are multiple, and here are just a few of the most prominent ones. 

  • This jelly fish light tank provides proper relaxation. It creates a soothing effect with shifting lights and smooth movement. It creates a really enchanting experience.
  • The lamp features seven types of color lighting that create an amazing effect while gradually transitioning. 
  • It can be a great present for any occasion. Both children and adults will be delighted to get this amazing decorative piece. 
  • The deep-sea ambiance created by this lamp is a great tool for easing anxiety and helping to relax. Relieve your mind and calm your emotions by simply gazing at the soothing shifting. It’s a beautiful and peaceful experience. 
  • Another amazing feature of this jellyfish lamp is that it can serve as a perfect accent piece in any interior. Use it either at home or office to create a unique style and atmosphere while also getting a moment to relax. This statement piece is both good-looking and functional. 
  • What is also of great importance is that this lamp is a good option for people with special needs. Those with dementia, ADHD, autism, and more can find this lamp tension- and anxiety-relieving. This is a highly beneficial pick. 
  • If you are a parent yourself, you probably know how much children love stories. You can use this lamp to create your own bedtime stories, filled with magic and fantasy. Plus, you can encourage your children’s creativity and help them make stories of their own. 

Watch these realistic led jellyfish lava lamps float and enjoy the tranquility and peace of mind this lamp provides. The jellyfish aquarium creates a relaxing ambiance and helps soothe anxiety. The color-changing lights add to the atmosphere, making the visuals even more entertaining. 


Be sure to consider this remarkable LED jellyfish lamp both for yourself and as a gift. It’s an ideal device for children’s bedroom and a perfect accent piece to put in your office. It will help you relax and concentrate while also serving as a unique decoration.  

Product Specifications:

Jellyfish LED Lamp 

Product material: ABS + Acrylic
Power: 2.5W
Voltage: 5V
Size: 4.25" D x 11.25" H
Power supply mode: USB
Nominal voltage: 5V
Lighting: 7 colors
Product weight: about 0.42kg

Water Needed: Yes

OPERATED BY ADAPTER OR BATTERIES : Operated by UL Adapter; (US Plug adapter 100v-240v included. This model also supports 3 AA batteries if you do not wish to plug it in an outlet

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