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Intelligent Neck Massager | Neck Pain Relief Massager

Intelligent Neck Massager | Neck Pain Relief Massager

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If you know firsthand how annoying and excruciating neck or shoulder pain can be, then this smart massager is what you need. This option uses heat therapy to make neck and shoulder pain disappear. Don’t let the pain stand in your way to a happier and more fulfilled life. Use this Intelligent neck massager on a regular basis in the comfort of your own and improve the quality of your life drastically with this simple routine. The neck relaxer uses advanced technologies to provide you with the best results. 


The key features of this option include the following:

  • The Electric Pulse Neck boasts six massage heads designed to carefully massage your neck. The unique 360-degree construction allows adjustability necessary for proper pain relief massage. It’s perfect for all body types and needs, so be sure to get a top-level performance with this device.

  • Long battery life, that is possible due to the use of the premium lithium built-in battery. It boasts quick recharge — about an hour — and is highly efficient. The massager can work up to a week on a single charge depending on how often you use it. 

  • The design of this lightweight massager is ergonomic, as it weighs under a pound and is made to follow the natural curves of the human body. It’s so light that you won’t even feel it resting on your shoulders, while it’s capable of providing you with the top level of comfort with its unique elastic design. 

  • The Electric Pulse Back and Neck Massager boasts multiple massage modes and is perfect for various needs. Choose the preferred mode and enjoy kneading, acupuncture, hammer, pulse, hot massage, or electric pulse. Discover the perfect mode for your unique needs with this high-quality device. 

This option is beneficial for a variety of specific needs. First and foremost, it’s perfect for neck and shoulder pain relief. With this option, you can get the long-awaited relaxation of the sore muscles, as well as tension relief. Plus, this is also a great tool for stress relief. A regular massage can help decrease heart rate and relax muscles, which, in its turn, leads to endorphin release and a lower stress level as a result. Use this quality massager regularly, and you will be amazed at how much calmer and happier you are. 


Also, regular use of this Smart Neck Massager can have a positive impact on the strength and flexibility of the neck muscles. The disappearance of the tension returns natural flexibility as well as a great range of motion. And this, in its turn, increases blood circulation to the brain, as the relaxed neck, unlike the tense one, doesn’t limit the blood flow. This way, you can be more focused and alert. So don’t hesitate on your way to a better life and be sure to consider this ingenious device!



  • Number Of Massage Gears: 6
  • Massage Mode: 5 Modes and 15 Levels
  • Hot Compress Temperature: 38-42°
  • Massage Time: 15min/time
  • Rated Power: 3w
  • Rated Voltage: 5v
  • Charging Time: 1h
  • Size: 13.5*14*6cm
  • Remote Control
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