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Electric Nail Drill Machine - Portable Rechargeable

Electric Nail Drill Machine - Portable Rechargeable

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Taking care of your nails should no longer cost you so much with every professional nail salon visit! A nail drill machine would be a great investment and will save you a lot of money in the long term.

Meet this Portable Electric Nail File Machine, and take care of your basic manicure and pedicure routine at home, by yourself, without the need of any professional, costly service. Our Nail Drill Kit will be your indispensable friend in no time as you discover its wide range of functionalities and easy operation that’s gentle on your precious, delicate nails. The multi-functional device allows you to easily grind, carve, cut, polish, shape, and remove gel polish for natural, acrylic, and gel nails.


Besides, this product is a professional-grade machine, which means it can be used not only in at-home nail care but also in nail salons by licensed professionals.

The kit includes a drill machine, a handpiece and its holder, an adaptor, and six drill bits with standing bands, three of which are metal heads that serve for coarsely grinding and shaping, while the other three are used to finely grind nail edges.

To use the device, simply plug the handpiece into the main control machine, and the plug of the machine into a power socket, then insert the drill bit that you wish to use. The machine features a speed control knob for optimal operation and two modes of direction, Forward and Reverse, to easily adapt to whichever hand you are using.


  • A small size and light weight that makes it portable as well as very comfortable to use without exhausting your wrist.
  • Low heat, noise, and vibration with an adjustable speed that varies between 0 and 35000 RPM.
  • A durable charge that can work for a continuous 4 to 5 hours, and 2.5 hours of recharge time.
  • A speed control knob and Forward/Reverse direction switch for an adaptable operation.
  • Multi-purpose and easy to use.

Package List:

1 * Main Drill Machine
1 * Nail Drill Handpiece
1 * Charging Adaptor plug
1 * Handpiece Holder
6 * Optional Bits with 6 Sanding Band

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