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DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Kit & Wine Bottle Cutter

DIY Glass Bottle Cutter Kit & Wine Bottle Cutter

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For those into recycling and reuse, a bottle cutter is a genius tool that can take your DIYing to another level. Make your daily life more exciting by taking up a new hobby. You can take up making lamps, vases, glasses, and many more with a convenient glass cutter for bottles . And if you are looking for a proper tool for accurate and effortless cutting of glass bottles, this is the one. It’s a perfect option that can cut various bottles to make art and recycle with ease.

Making pieces of decor or various items for home use has never been easier. This option is a full kit of versatile accessories for bottle cutting. Besides the cuter itself, the package includes such pieces as a hexagonal spanner, ø6 drill bit, two gloves, sandpaper, a sponge for washing, and four separation rings to make the task simple, convenient, and safe. Use each piece at various stages to get a clean and beautiful cut every time. The drill bit is perfect for drilling small holes if needed. The set is super simple to use, all you need to get a proper result is to follow a few simple steps:

  1. First, put the bottle on the support device
  2. Rotate it and draw a line for future cut
  3. Use boiling water to heat the line
  4. Alternate using hot water with submerging the bottle into cold water a few times
  5. That’s all! The bottle will break apart into two parts, and all you’ll need to do after that is to smooth the sharp edges.

This kit for bottle cutting is a convenient tool that has been specifically designed to deal with bottles of various shapes. Square, round — it doesn’t matter, as the tool can deal with any option. Plus, the cutter boasts an adjustable width (to 6 cm) and length (to 16 cm), so it can accommodate almost any bottle for your convenience. After cutting, use the included tools to smooth the edges.

The tools are super easy to use: fixing bottles is effortless, the cutting process itself is quick and simple, as it doesn’t require much force, and sanding is also easy. Create your very own pieces of handmade art with this quality kit of tools for glass bottle cutting.

Every piece in the set is made of high-quality materials and boasts superior durability and effectiveness. So, whether you are an experienced professional or an enthusiast who is taking their first steps, consider buying this amazing set for glass bottle cutting.

Color: Black
Material: Stainless Iron
Package Size:23*11*8cm / 9*4.3*3.1in
Package Weight: 601g / 21.2oz

Package List:
1 * Glass Bottle Cutter
1 * Hexagonal Spanner
2 * Glove
1 * ø6 Drill Bit
1 * Sandpaper
4 * Seperation Ring
1 * Sponge Washer

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