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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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There are many difficult jobs that require proper safety measures. Choosing quality equipment is essential as it will keep you safe and protected, allowing you to do your job efficiently. This welding helmet is just one of those items that can provide proper protection while being comfortable to use. This professional piece of equipment will allow you to be focused on tasks that require precision and accuracy.

The solar-powered welding helmet will keep your face, ears, and neck protected, thus allowing you to do versatile tasks without worrying about your safety. The innovative design ensures ultimate protection from injuries. It features an auto-darkening lens of a super large field of view. The high-quality lens improves visibility by reducing eye strain due to the use of lime green coloring. 


The materials used in the construction of this welding mask make it durable and reliable. The mask is suitable for a variety of tasks due to its multipurpose design. It’s perfect to use in various spheres, such as oil and gas, metal production, mining, military maintenance, repair and operation, construction, and more. It’s adjustable and can adapt to various working environments. Besides its large view, this welding helmet boasts multiple advantages. Things like the use of the solar battery, HD vision, and 150-degrees flip are among the most crucial features of this option.


The helmet is engineered with high-quality liquid crystal and optical coating and boasts automatic transform technology, making it possible to quickly and efficiently detect and react to sudden electric arc discharge. It keeps the eyes protected from 99% of ultraviolet and infrared rays. 

Another important feature is that the helmet is comfortable to use due to its ergonomic design. It’s easy to use and the tightness of the headband can be adjusted. The construction also features a thickened sponge used to protect your forehead and provide overall comfort.
Besides the welding helmet itself, the package also includes an adjustable headband, a lithium battery, and three lens covers. Be sure to use this piece of equipment to reach even more precise results in your work. Stay focused and protected with this auto-darkening solar-powered welding helmet, designed to ensure maximum convenience and protection for various professional tasks. This option will meet all your demands, ensuring a clear view and optimal eye protection. Practical, ergonomic, and reliable, the welding helmet boasts great quality and reasonable price.

1x Welding Helmet
1x Lithium Battery
1x Adjustable Headband

3x Lens cover

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