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Armor Clothing Motocross Racing Suit

Armor Clothing Motocross Racing Suit

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Those into motocross know that proper protection is one of the most important things to take into account. The best protective gear should be made of impact-resistant quality materials to keep you safe, be comfortable enough for long-period wear, and be non-restrictive to make your riding experience pleasurable.



This motorcycle body armor set is a perfect solution as it’s a perfect combination of all those essential features. It’s made of the best materials and is designed to ensure the utmost protection. It’s available in sizes from S to 4XL, so anyone can find a perfect fit. Plus, there are two color options available: black and red. Pick the one that best suits your style and experience the best protection possible with this quality option. This set is a real must-have for any motorcycle riding enthusiast for whom safety is a key priority. Its convenient design allows wearing this protective suit on its own or under a jacket.



This motorcycle armor set boasts superior quality and is made of high-density wear-resistant material. It’s designed to provide you with overall protection and features such elements as chest & back protection, protective cups for shoulders & elbows, and forearm protectors. Durable shells are constructed from quality plastic and feature multiple vents to ensure proper ventilation while keeping you safe at the same time. The removable liner is easy to keep clean and fresh. Featuring strong quality construction, this full-body protective set will serve you for years to come.


The motorcycle armor is made of high-impact plastic. The use of fabric liner makes this lightweight and durable option highly comfortable. Another important feature of this set is that it’s easy to put on and off due to the front zipper closure. The set features adjustable straps for easier customization. The spine body armor with a tail protector is removable. A waist belt is elastic and features hook and loop adjustment, making this option customizable, while thumb loops ensure that arm protection stays in place. The armor boasts a perfect fit, plus, it also looks great, so no need to sacrifice style for protection.


It’s a perfect option for anyone into bike riding, motorcycling, skating, skiing, or any other activity that requires proper safety measures. The set is designed to ensure the best possible protection without being restrictive or uncomfortable. If you are in the market for quality protective gear, look no further, as this option is one of the top choices in its class.

Product information:
Material: PVC, Lycra, EVA
Color: black and red
Specifications: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL



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